Shingleroof Campmeeting


Ten Generations of Worship in the Pioneer  Tradition
Located in Henry County, Georgia U.S.A
Documented by Gene Morris Jr.
Henry County Historian
A Local Legacies Project Submitted to
The U.S. Library of Congress in 1999


Photo Gallery


Photo #16 above:  This photo was made at mealtime in the Salem Baptist Church Tent in 1954. Some of those pictured include Richard Crumbley, Martha Rowan, William Crumbley and Colvin Crumbley. This was a large two-story tent on the south line, it's still standing and is occupied by the Clint Crumbley family. Over the years many local churches have maintained youth tents for their young people. Currently the only church tents are those maintained by McDonough Methodist and Flippen Methodist. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Gene Crumbley)   


Photo #17.


Photo #17 above:  Saranell Morris Lewis gives her son, William Robert (Billy) Lewis, Jr. a traditional Shingleroof wash tub bath in the Morris Tent at Campmeeting in 1959. Note the construction of the tent, especially the prop open window shutters, which are a traditional feature of these rustic structures. Little Billy went on to become a Methodist minister and Saranell still tents every year, only now she's bathing Billy's children. (Photo courtesy of Saranell Morris Lewis)  


Photo #18.


Photo #18 above:  The Tabernacle serves as the backdrop for this 1962 photograph of a campmeeting softball game. This unique blend of social, recreational and religious activities is an integral part of the Shingleroof tradition. These impromptu ball games are easy to organize among the young people living on the grounds and the tent porches serve as grand box seats. (Photo courtesy of Vicki Smith)  


Photo #19.


Photo #19 above:  Four generations of the Morris Family visiting on the front porch of their tent on Campmeeting Sunday 1963. G. B. Morris built this tent in 1954 to replace the old Morris Tent, which burned in the fire of 1938. Note the wood shavings covering the ground. Fresh shavings were hauled in each year to cover the dirt floors of the tents, porches and the Tabernacle. Also notice the "ship lap" siding on the tent, this was sawed and planed at nearby Miller's Mill, the last water powered mill complex operating in Henry County. (Photo courtesy Saranell Morris Lewis)  


Photo #20.


Photo #20 above:  The Rodgers Family gathered for this photograph at the first Rodgers Family Reunion. The reunion was held at Shingleroof Campground in September 1969 and has been held there for 30 consecutive years. The Rodgers family came to Henry County in 1849 and have been actively involved in the community ever since. For most of the twentieth century Shingleroof Campground has been the favorite site for family reunions in Henry County. (Photo courtesy of Virginia Rodgers Fall)  


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