Shingleroof Campmeeting


Ten Generations of Worship in the Pioneer  Tradition
Located in Henry County, Georgia U.S.A
Documented by Gene Morris Jr.
Henry County Historian
A Local Legacies Project Submitted to
The U.S. Library of Congress in 1999


Photo Gallery

Photo #6 above:  For decades in the early twentieth century, families like the Kimballís, Carmichael's and Simpson's of the Pleasant Hill settlement, and other Henry County settlements, erected large tables where they ate dinner (lunch) on Campmeeting Sunday, this was, and is, the high point of Campmeeting each year. These tables continued to be constructed annually through the 1950's. Note the table was built at standing height so chairs were not necessary. Photo made in 1931 at the Shingleroof Centennial. (Photo courtesy of Sam McCullough)  


Photo # 7.


Photo # 7 above:  1931 was the centennial year and apparently this family was displaying a quilt to mark the occasion. Note also the straw on the ground. Straw was the ground cover of choice at Shingleroof in tents and the tabernacle; however, straw has given way to sawdust and wood shavings. Those pictured are left to right, W. S. Elliott, Helen Hamilton, Margaret Vandiver, Mrs. R. S. Carter and Grady Carter. (Photo courtesy of Sam McCullough)  


Photo # 8.


Photo #8 above:  This photo features Charles Campbell Fargason (1872-1959). The photo was made in 1944. Mr. Fargason is blowing the Campmeeting Horn to call the people to worship. This horn has been in use since 1875 and continues to be brought to Campmeeting each year and calls people to services under the supervision of Mr. Fargason's son, David Jinks Fargason (born 1912), who still tents in the tent in this photo. (Photo courtesy of Vicki Smith)  


Photo # 9.


Photo #9 above:  This photo was made in 1944, the year the Old Hotel (on the right) was built to replace the Old, Old Hotel (on the left) which was built in 1902. The Old, Old Hotel was demolished and the Caretaker's Cottage currently is located on the site. The Old Hotel was demolished in 1996 and replaced by the New Hotel, on the same site. The lady walking toward the camera is Matilda Crumbley. (Photo courtesy Dr. Gene Crumbley) 


Photo # 10. 


Photo #10 above:  Onree Smith made this photograph of the Old Hotel at Campmeeting in 1944. The females in the front, center are Lorna Culham Paul, Marcella Elliott Mote, Betty Lou Culham Day, Sandra Bryans Moss and Alma Bryans Smith. (Photo courtesy of Vicki Smith)  


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