Shingleroof Campmeeting


Ten Generations of Worship in the Pioneer  Tradition
Located in Henry County, Georgia U.S.A
Documented by Gene Morris Jr.
Henry County Historian
A Local Legacies Project Submitted to
The U.S. Library of Congress in 1999


Contributor Recognition

Mary Elliott Bruce

Contributed Memorabilia

Evelyn Cook Burnett

Contributed Photographs, a large collection of newspaper articles on Shingleroof, a large amount of personal research she has conducted on Shingleroof and the records concerning the dedication of the U.D.C. Marker and the State Historical Marker and Our Years at Shingleroof l917-1980

Bill Chick

Contributed a speech he gave at church about Shingleroof

Martha Phillips Chick

Contributed Photographs

Laura Moss Clark

Contributed Photographs

Dr. Gene Crumbley

Contributed Photographs and he and his family created a current directory of the family members of all tentholders during the 1999 Campmeeting.

Dr. Randy Daniel

Contributed Photographs, Videotapes and Newspaper Articles he has written about Shingleroof Campmeeting

Mary Rowan Daniel

Contributed Shingleroof Campmeeting Sesquicentennial

Betty Elliott Davis

Contributed Written Materials

Si Elliott

Contributed Photographs

Virginia Rodgers Fall

Contributed Photographs and Written Materials

David Fargason

Contributed Newspaper Articles

Rev. Billy Lewis, Jr.

Contributed an essay on Shingleroof

Saranell Morris Lewis

Contributed Photographs and Written Materials

Sam McCullough

Contributed Newspaper Articles from Scrapbook

Nancy Paul Miller

Contributed a paper she wrote in college about Shingleroof

Gene Morris, Sr.

Contributed Photographs and Memorabilia

Donna Susan Mote

Contributed Photographs and the devotional book she wrote Shingleroof Prayers: A Campmeeting Book of Hours

Marcella Elliott Mote

Contributed Photographs

Eugenia Turner Price

Contributed the Journal of Margaret Dailey Turner

Vicki L. Smith

Contributed Photographs

Janet Cook Stancliff

Contributed Photographs

Tami Stonecypher

Contributed Photographs


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