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The Historical Pageant

On Saturday, May 14, 1921 at 9: AM, on the "Assembly Ground" at Keys’ Ferry Road, the celebration began to mark Henry County’s 100th Birthday. It was a grand occasion requiring much preparation and receiving the attention and support of the community. The schedule of activities that follows, is a duplicate of the first two pages of the booklet entitled, History of Henry County; published as a guide for the events of the day and as a documentation of Henry County’s 100 year history. Wiley A. Clements, the booklets publisher, recognized Miss Emily Griffin and Mrs. R. H. Hankinson, for their contribution. The Pageant event schedule is duplicated below.


Annie Nolan
Chairman of the Pageant




Saturday, May 14, 1921, 9 A. M.
Assembly Ground, Keys’ Ferry Road



1. Hearalds with Silver Horns.
2. Locust Grove Institute Band.
3. Colors with Military Escort.
4. Locust Grove Institute Battalion.
5. Goddess of Henry.
6. Signing of the Treaty, General McIntosh and Creek Indians.
7. Patrick Henry, for whom the County Was Named.
8. Commodore McDonough, for whom the County Seat Was Named.
9. Wade Hampton, for whom Hampton Was Named.
10. First Mode of Travel – Ox Cart.
11. Second Mode of Travel – Pillion.
12. Descendents of All Families, 1821 to 1850. A number of Cars.
13. First Session of Superior Court, June 10, 1822.
Augustus Clayton, Judge; William Harden, Clerk; William Cash, Solicitor-General Pro Tem. 14. Second Session of Superior Court, December 1822.
Eli S. Shorter, Judge; Major Chettle Cochran, Foreman. 15. First Session of Inferior Court March, 1825. William Griffin, Gary Grice, Wade H Turner, Joseph P. Green and Thomas C. Russell acting as Justices and Samuel Johnson acting as Clerk.
16. Replica of the House in Which the First Religious Service Was Held. Log Cabin near Turner Church, built by Wade H. Turner, January 15, 1882.
17. First Methodist Circuit Rider, Mr. Bellah.
18. First Baptist Preacher, Mr. Cyrus White.
19. First Presbyterian Preacher, Mr. Gable, 1826.
20. First School Teacher, Mr. Fish, 1823.
21. First Factory, Dailey’s, 1824.
22. First GristMill, Dailey’s 1884.
23. Early Settlers.
24. Old Fashion Costumes, Belles of Other Days.
25. Plantation Float, Black Mammy and Banjo Days.
26. Veterans of the Sixties.
27. Ku Klux Klan – Reconstruction Days.
28. U. D. C. Floats, 1905, Children of The Confederacy Float.
29. Central of Georgia Railroad, First Railroad in Georgia. First Railroad in Henry County.
30. Southern Railroad, June 3, 1882.
31. King Cotton Float.
32. Corn Float.
33. Bank of Henry County, First Bank, June 23, 1896.
34. First Telephone, About 1897.
35. Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co., 1900.
36. Electric Light Float, August, 1912.
37. World War Float, Army and Navy With Liberty Escort of ex-Service Men of Henry County – 1914 to 1918.
38. Red Cross Float, 1914.
39. Hampton, Red Cross Ambulance With Wounded Soldier.
40. Locust Grove Red Cross – “The Greatest Mother in the World”.
41. McDonough Red Cross – Red Cross Army Supplies With Red Cross Nurses – 1914.
42. Womens Club, 1916 – The Federation of Clubs Will Be Represented by several cars.
43. Bells of 1921 – Floats.
44. Floats of Manufacturing Companies and Other Industries – A Number of Cars.
45. Masons of the County.
46. Woodmen of the World.
47. Knights of the Pythias.
48. Red Men.
49. Town Councils.

50. Schools of the County.

Annie Nolan, 
Chairman of the Pageant




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